Feeling Unmasked

Why do I feel like this?

What’s making me feel so sad?

I don’t understand what could be wrong.

Have I really done something that bad?

I feel cold inside,

As my friends abandon me.

Sitting by myself at night,

Wondering if this could be.

Being tortured is how I feel,

Wondering what I’ve done.

My heart is screaming for freedom,

Though they think it’s fun.

Whatever I do seems to be wrong,

Nothing is ever right.

This pain that I can’t stop feeling,

Is something that I cannot fight.

They pushed me around,

And brought me down so low.

I don’t know what to do now,

So it’s hard for me to show.

I cry myself to sleep at night,

Still hearing what they’ve said.

Feeling like I have no life,

Makes me feel like I’m dead.

I want to stand up for myself,

But I don’t want to be mean.

Justice will always take its toll,

And can be so unbecoming.

My wings have fallen off,

Knowing that I fell.

An angel I am no longer,

An angel who has gone to hell.

Blinded in darkness,

In a room without a door.

Knowing that I cannot escape,

I lay on the cold, stone floor.

I open my eyes to see a light;

A flaw in this devil’s case.

My spirits lifted when I saw,

That this light was indeed your face.

My wings begun to shake to life,

As your light filled the room.

My heart began to sing again,

While you ended my pain and doom.

So now I thank you greatly,

Forever in debt to you.

The only thing I’d wish you’d say,

Is that you love me too