Something Inside The Darkness

Somewhere inside the darkness

A fallen angel lies

Her wings have fallen off

And she knows she’s going to die.

Her heart has been torn apart

Her soul has been taken away

No longer can she act on free will

She can only sit and pray.

The man she knew had destroyed her

At first, he stole her heart

She fell head-over-heels for him

And a romance began to start.

They met at a local high school

Both knew at first sight

That the one they would learn to love

Was someone they didn't have to fight.

But then again, she did

She fought to win the one

The one she loved and always will

Only to realize they were done.

This man had cheated on an innocent girl

A girl who had never been kissed

Or even held hands with a boy

Something he unfortunately missed.


Somewhere inside the darkness

A dying angel cries

She cries for the one she loved

And for that, she can no longer fly.

This man tore her wings apart

As this innocent angel fell

The very last thing he told her was

She's an angel who's gone to hell.


Somewhere inside the darkness

A mourning angel dies

Engulfed into hell by the devil himself

To be part of his "God's Angel's" prize.