Dreaming In Pain

I'm done

I cant take it anymore

What you've done to me

I've never felt before

I'm tired

I cant live like this

Crying myself to sleep at night

Thinking of all I'm going to miss

I'm hurt

I cant take this pain

Whenever I see your face now

I look away in vain

I'm broken

I cant even think straight

The emotions I used to feel

Are blocked by a metal gate

I'm heartless

I cant feel any heat

My heart is a block of stone

Now that you've shaken its beat

I'm bleeding

I cant stop it now

The cutting will never end since

I've taken the Unbreakable Vow

I'm pale I

cant believe my eyes

A re-run of my life never came

And I knew that was all a lie Instead,

I saw your face

Preserved in my mind

How perfectly you smiled at me

Made you look oh so kind

But then the smile died to frown

A scared look upon your face

I could feel your pulse racing

At an unusually fast pace

Surprised by what I was seeing

I let out a small sigh

This wasn't a dream and I knew

That I had begun to cry

You were in front of me now

White lights blocked out my sight

I heard a steady beeping noise and knew

My soul hadn't taken flight

Your hand was gripping mine

Our eyes were filled with tears

Death was not only amongst my thoughts

But now both of our fears

My eyes became droopy and

I finally looked into yours

Stiffening as I drifted to sleep

My dream began once more