And He Was There

There once was a girl, a shy little girl,

Who thought she knew who she was.

She saw the real her and punished herself,

For the chaos that she had caused.

She felt so alone, so lost and confused,

That the pain she felt got worse.

She had a very undesirable thought,

That would hopefully quench her thirst.

She grabbed a hair pin, broke it in half,

And began to scratch away.

Until her blood was spilt she knew

This wasn't a game she wanted to play.

She spent the night, crying alone,

Wondering what was going on.

The Darkness that controlled her now,

Took her happiness; it was gone.

Too afraid to tell someone now

The scratching turned into cuts.

Her friends abandoned her when they guessed,

That she had turned into a slut.

Isolated now, she wants it to end,

This life was not worth any bit.

But then a boy came into her life,

And taught her how to cope with it.

She learned of his story, much more worse than her own,

Four times he attempted death.

He cut himself much worse than she did,

And claimed it was like living on meth.

She began to take a liking to him,

He knew exactly how she felt.

Night after night, he invades her dreams,

And it was her heart he would melt.

Though her thoughts continued they got much worse,

It wasn't mean to get this bad,

Its time, she thought, for me to go,

Because she knew nobody would be sad.

She grabbed a rope from her father's room,

And tied it around her throat.

She was going to end her existence then,

And sail away in a death boat.

She woke up on the floor, confused and alone,

Tears were falling from her face.

Her attempt at death had failed once more,

She was getting worse at a very fast pace.

She spent the day hiding in her room,

Too scared to move at all,

Too scared to know if they all knew,

How deep she was beginning to fall.

Now dark outside, horrified she was,

She wanted out of this mess.

Picked up the phone and texted him,

The answers she didn't need to guess.

She told him what she'd done, the pain and all,

She was scared of her own face.

He tried to help her in ways he could,

But in Darkness she was incased.

He tried to tell her that he cares,

To let her know all is not lost.

She pushed him away not even knowing,

That their friendship would be the cost.

She fell apart before before herself, crying,

To the floor she would finally fall.

However, she gained some courage and

Gave that boy a call.

He picked up after two rings, angry at her,

She apologized with shame.

He didn't know that she needed him,

To pull herself out of this game.

He comforted her, calmed her down,

What he was going to say is true.

She didn't know what to expect until he said, "Kelsey, just know I love you."

He told her that he loved her,

He told her she was amazing,

He told her how beautiful she is,

And said she needed to stop this "phasing."

He asked if she loved anybody,

She replied with a yes.

He asked who she loved and then,

He chose to make a guess.

"Do you love me?" he asked, the girl sat still,

"Yes," she sobbed, climbing on her bed.

"Then think that every time you cut yourself,

You're cutting me instead."

Tears streamed down her face once more,

Hurting him she never planned to do.

"And if you had died tonight," he said,

"A part of me would die too."

The girl still sobbed, she finally knew,

What had to be done to end.

To end the pain she caused herself,

And it was herself that she would mend.

The tears of her own stopped, for now,

She owed her life to him.

Now that she knew how to stop the darkness,

Her new life was about to begin.

He said he had to go for now,

Saying of love once more,

The girl said "I love you" back,

And together, they shut the game's door.

Her pain is over for the most part now,

She has no memory if it.

Except for the scars she gave herself,

To remind her of all her hits.

There's one thing she regrets though,

Going back to that clarity of a night.

Her secret was exposed by love,

And she knew she had a battle to fight.

This battle she knew she couldn't win,

She will never get the chance.

The love will fade away,

Did just her battle stance.

But for now, the love will stay,

He will forever be a friend.

A very good friend to a girl who survived,

Suicide's fateful end.