The Relationship That Never Was

This story I now shall tell to you,

Hopefully sinks into your bones,

About love and hate and the myth behind,

The heart that was turned to stone.

This story is not happy or sweet in any way,

A fairy tale this is not.

If it was, it would not make any sense,

On why the princess would rot.

She is not mean or bad or unkind,

A very sweet girl was she,

Until a boy came into her life,

It was her death she couldn’t see.

This story begins Once Upon A Time,

In a Japanese language class,

A girl sat alone in the front of the room,

With not a thought she could grasp.

The boy that sat behind and to her right,

Became very loud once class began to start,

Irritated the girl became, but she didn’t know,

This boy would break her heart.

The year went on, she was oblivious to him,

Not once did they speak face to face.

When they finally sat at the same table,

It was their feelings that would be traced.

A few weeks later the girl took a chance,

One that she might regret,

Gave her phone number and ran away,

And it was her feelings he would get.

For a while, they talked, laughing and such,

They were planning to hang out next week,

The boy asked if she liked him,

And it was his heart she would seek.

Scared she was, asking why he must know,

He demanded for her reply,

She responded a yes, her hands shook,

And this would bring out her shy.

Things began to go very well, happy they were,

He said it was her that he would miss,

She squealed of joy when he said,

That he would like to give her a kiss.

As time went on, the talking would fade,

She barely heard from him anymore,

Worried now, she began to think,

That he thought she was a whore.

She texted him, he’s always “fine,”

It was then that she knew,

He had moved on and instead,

Was talking to someone new.

She came home one day, sad as could be,

To him she exposed her heart.

Cried for days and thinking of,

This pain he had begun to start.

One day he asked if she was well,

But instead she was crying still,

She told him of how she felt and,

It was her depression that would spill.

He told her she shouldn’t act this way,

She tore herself apart instead.

One last look and he walked away,

Leaving the girl with dread.

He took with him, a shattered heart,

Broken from his careless lies.

Without her heart, the girl knew,

That next it was her to die.

She felt so sad, alone and confused,

Her brain was shut down by abuse.

Hate, betrayal built up inside,

This girl he decided to use.

Resisting the urge to self harm again,

She held herself so tight,

A hole inside her ripped her in half,

It was herself she would fight.

Lying in bed, she tried to sleep,

But what stained her face were tears.

In the dark it was like,

She was reliving all her fears.

The fear turned to hate, the tears stopped,

Her pain was put on pause,

Took a picture of them and began to burn,

The relationship that never was.