The Way

I love the way

You say my name

Like you know that

Love isn’t a game.

I love the way

You look at me

Like there isn’t any other girl

You’d rather see.

I love the look

Of your curly hair

Like you think that

Nobody really cares.

I love the way

I can talk to you.

Opening myself up

Is something I now can do.

I love the way

We share our pain

By not holding back

In ways we can gain.

I love the way

You act so nice.

Not like him;

A sheet of ice.

I love the way

You held me tight

When the demons came

And scared me at night.

I love the way

Your hand fits into mine

The way it seems that

We’re on fate’s line.

I love the way

Your voice can sing

Filling my soul

As it begins to ring.

I love the way

Your heart does beat

In sync with mine

As our destinies meet.

I love the way

Our laughs are shared

And when things get bad

How we’re both scared.

The way I feel

Cannot be withheld

Now that you’ve cast me

Under your perfect spell.