The thoughts of you came

So unexpectedly that they hit

Me hard with the yearning feeling

To be close to the flame

In those eyes of yours while we sit

On the floor and stare at your ceiling.  

My heart races as your hand

Brushes mine and I feel a spark

From the thought of being close

To you and I hope we expand

These thoughts even in the dark

As we try to diagnose



This feeling of mine that I

Can't describe has me dreaming  

Of that day we first would meet

That moment, that second, a sigh

To stop the shaking that was seeming

To make my heart skip a beat

As I gazed into those hazel eyes

That are so familiar to me that

I feel so safe when you are near

That it's hard to disguise

My flushing face while we sat

And intentions became unclear. 


It feels like I am falling through

All of space and time wishing

I could just hear your voice

Once more and maybe I'd pursue

This want, this thought of kissing

Those luscious lips and making the choice

That just might bring us closer.  

But what if I am pushing this

Too far, and yearning in ways

You will never feel for me

And this joy I have, this bliss

Will be stopped in its tracks by the haze

That I may never be able to see



But if I continue falling maybe just

Maybe you might catch me and

I'll get the chance to look into those eyes

Those wild eyes of yours that I trust

Even though we don't understand

The sensation of these kinds of highs

That I feel when I'm with


PoetryElizabeth MickComment