Restoration and Rupture

My mind has gone numb

I've finally given into

The realization of my faults

A portentous cloak that's risen from

My past and I'm falling through

Another grievous waltz.

My body's eternally sore

As I struggle to rise from my bed

Or open my eyes and see the good

Of today as it's better than before

The day I couldn't lift my head

And just be where I have stood.

My woeful heart beats in my chest

The restoration of this disease has

Forced me to not feel a thing

Like I'm wearing a heavy vest

Though my body's made of glass

But everything comes as a sting.

My eyes have sunken in

And I can't seem to capture

How things used to be

Uncomfortable in my own skin

And my world's begun to rupture

Unable to be set free.