Sticky Fingers Bakeries: Scone Mix Review


I noticed that I had yet to post anything food related on my blog and decided this would be the perfect thing to start with! Let me start off by saying that whenever I try to bake pastries, 90% of the time they end up burn, over cooked, under cooked and sometimes have caught on fire. I am great at cooking big meals, but pastries are not my forte.

I had heard about this scone mix through a friend and thought I would finally give them a try. I mean, it literally says "Just Add Water" on the front of the package, so how hard could it be?

Not very hard at all!

The instructions on the back of the package were so simple! Although, I used my hand mixer instead of of a fork... whoops!

As you can see, the mixture was quite sticky! Hence, the name of the company, 'Sticky Fingers Bakeries.' ;)


My little puppy helper wanting to eat some of the mixture! None for the doge!

On the package it says to bake at 375 degrees for 14-16 minutes. My oven is veeery finicky, so I baked them for 15 minutes and they came out perfect!!!!

It was ridiculously simple and they were delicious! (I have been eating them all morning...)

I definitely recommend giving this scone mix a try! They have a ton of different flavors (I'm going to try Raspberry White Chocolate next time!) and are not that expensive at all! I found these mixes at places like Market of Choice, Whole Foods, and Cost Plus World Market. Go find them, make them, and eat the entire batch you make because that is exactly what I have done!

This is all for now!