Travel Bucket List!


I have always loved to travel. I grew up in an Air Force family so I am used to moving around all of the time. I used to get anxious if I didn't move or go somewhere new. I feel very very lucky to be able to travel for my family's business, and it is something I love to do more than the daily operations. Meeting new people (or customers face-to-face!) and tasting the food there; AH! It is so refreshing!!! I have compiled a list of places that I will travel to before I die. It will happen one day or another, but these are places I have to go to one day. Some are part of my heritage, and some I have wanted to go to since I can remember. Here they are, listed by priority!


#1 - Sweden

Jag är svenskt arv! My grandmother's side of the family traveled from Sweden to the west side of the United States on the Oregon Trail! So crazy!!! There is no place specifically in Sweden I would like to visit specifically, but to just be in Sweden where like, half of my heritage is, would be absolutely incredible. I have been studying and learning to speak Swedish so ONE DAY when I get to travel there, I will understand things! Seriously, it is one of my biggest dreams to go to Sweden one day.


#2 - Japan

I grew up surrounded by Japanese Culture. My best friend was Japanese, both my cousin and my 2nd cousin(?) had been to Japan, my grandmother lived in Japan and her house if filled with Japanese artifacts. When I finally got into high school, I studied Japanese for two years. I would love to visit Tokyo and some of the outer laying prefectures. And maybe if I could, I'd love to visit the air force base where my grandmother lived, and where my momma was born!


#3 - Skara Brae Prehistoric Villiage in Scotland

I did a project in 6th Grade on the Skara Brae Historic Village and ever since it has been on my bucket list to visit it in person.


#4 - Paris, France

I would love to go here with my husband for an anniversary or something and eat a ridiculous amount of pastries and macaroons and be super romantic!


#5 - Australia

I grew up watching Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin on Animal Planet and it has been a place I have always wanted to visit. And only because of Steve Irwin. He is my hero <3

These are all places that I will one day travel to, and I say "will" because you can say that you 'want to' visit places, but it doesn't mean that you ever will. I will go to these places!!!

This is all for now my loves! Let me know where you want to travel to! I'd love to know!!!