Photo Journal: Alaska

One of the best things my job has gifted me with is the ability to travel. Wherever I go, I try to give myself a little bit of time to adventure throughout the city and experience the culture. Alaska was a magical place, and I have finally gotten around to reviewing all of the photos I took on my week-long trip. I hope you enjoy this post and the beauty of Alaska through my photography! First stop:


 I absolutely LOVED Ketchikan. It was such a cute little town with all sorts of shops and sights to see.

We were only in Ketchikan for two days, and after we left for our next destination:


If you guys ever get the chance to travel, I highly recommend going to Alaska. It is so incredibly beautiful and there is so much to see and almost felt like a mini vacation, even though we were on a work trip.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I really would like to do more photo journal type posts in the future!

This is all for now.