Closing The Distance

Today was a glorious day to me

A quiet one for a Monday

And, for once, we conversed

Have you finally begun to see

And look past from yesterday

To see the electrifying burst

Of bubbles escaping from

My chest and I sighed

As you smiled, walking

Towards me, my body felt numb

And I had never tried

To keep myself from gawking

At your statuesque existence

My voice caught in the back

Of my throat when you said hello

I couldn't help but close the distance

Not caring if common sense I lack

For I knew our friendship would grow

I felt your heartbeat through our embrace

And knew you weren't an illusion

Or an image pulled from a dream

As I looked up to your face

And came to the conclusion

When I saw your eyes gleam

That we would go far

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment