10 Things I Hate About...

I hate the way you talk to me

the kindness in your voice

I hate the way I fell for you

And how I knew I had a choice


I hate how you always made me smile

And got my mind off the bad

I had how you made me laugh and

Made me feel good when I was sad


I hate how you were always so nice

And were so friendly to me

I hate that I have to be so naive

And t'was the truth I couldn't see


I hate how I pushed you away

And I wish I could take it all back

I hate how I've been so afraid

My common sense I seem to lack


I hate the fact that we never met

And that we never will at all

I hate the fact that you don't even care

And the fact that you'll never call


I hate it how I care so much

and that I am missing you

I hate the way I feel so desperate and

It was myself I withdrew


But mostly I hate the way

I don't hate you one little bit

Not even close

Not even at all

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment