So many times have I let

My guard down and trusted a stranger

And grown to care about

Not knowing they were a threat

Or that I would face the danger

I would soon doubt

That I had ever met him

This is what one gets

For opening up to one

And believing in false hope

That truth that's tearing you to bits

Keeps you down like you weigh a ton

You wish you never went down that slope

Because you knew they never cared

In the first place

Beginning to doubt yourself

You start to feel scared

Before the end is even near

Finding that you've pushed oneself

Over the edge that they never dared

To give to a chance to clear

They ledge they build for your downfall

Finding yourself in the black of night

You start to cry, knowing

That you spent months of your life

Wishing that maybe he might

For once keep the pace going

But he stabs you in the back with the knife

Drenched in poison that was always meant for you

Scared and confused your wall has raised

And you appear to be hopeless

For the need to be loved

And all he sees is a phased

Stranger struck by the blindness

That was laid over you like a glove

Which stole your common sense

Shrouding yourself in the dark

Wondering how you haven't come

To hate him like you should

When that hope that spark

Burnt out by the heinous scum

That convinced you he was good

And carelessly broke your heart

You've made the mistake to swear

That you'll never speak again

With hope that he cares

But your promise begins to tear

As you try to refrain

From going down those stairs

Because you can't help but miss their company

This is the reality

I have come to accept

That was forced upon me

This is my actuality

That keeps me from being swept

Off my feet no matter how I plea

This fact will never change