Is this real?

Is this really happening?

I never thought that I would find a guy

Like you

How did you manage to steal

My heart away from me

So quickly

So fast that I can hardly believe

You exist

It wasn't too long ago

That you were here

Sitting right in front of me

But I can't even remember your face

And that scares me to death

The scent of you cologne

Still remains on my couch

I need to remember your voice

Your face

I am stunned at the fact

You wanted to know about

My past

My horrid past that haunts me

It haunts the relationships

That I've been in

That I've involved myself in

And I always end up

With a broken heart

But not this time

This time you stayed

You listened and were shocked

But you didn't run away

And that's a big first for me

The first time I didn't scare off

A boy I fancied

Over my life story

For the first time

I am glad I told someone

About it

My eyes linger at yours

And glance to your lips

Only wishing

Only dreaming

That you would kiss me


I'm dying for your lips to meet

To brush

For that connection I know

We share

Time is killing me

Waiting for the next time we meet

So I can remember your face

Your laugh

Your gorgeous smile

The eyes I can't decipher

Whether or not they're brown

Or green

I haven't had a chance

To get that close yet

I yearn to get those butterflies

The first time we hold hands

Or when you wrap your arms

Around my waist

Yeah, I am a dreamer

If you haven't discovered this yet

But I dream with my heart

My heart that's healing from the last


Both James and Austin

I dare not speak of

The things Austin did to me

What he made me do

It's too early to speak a word about it

And falling faster than James


I know what love is

And I believe I was set on this path

For a specific reason

And that things happen for a reason

That I just haven't figured out yet

But it's set me on a path

That has crossed yours

And keeps me coming back

Every day

As I said

I am a fool for falling this fast

Maybe I'd learn from my


Or the multiple times

I've lost track of my thoughts

Trying to remember your


Haha yeah there I go again

Being a dreamer

Waiting for the next step

The next level

Of our epic game

And I'll play it

For as long as it may go on

As long as my heart will go on

Feeling this feeling that's reaching into my memories

Pulling out that face

That I can now remember

Elizabeth MickComment