It never really occurred to me

How bad I would really miss you

After this tragic crime

This accident that we would never see

Coming, it hit your soul and you flew

And I wish I knew that it would take me some time

To realize that you are gone

Gone and unable to speak

To me, gone and unable to hold

Me, gone and unable to see when dawn

Breaks, gone and unable to see the creek

And feel the waters cold

Touch, yes my dear friend

My love, my buddy, my soul

Mate, I am afraid you've taken

Part of my heart and I'm unable to mend

This hole, this monstrous hole

That seems to keep me shaken

From knowing that you have left us


I wish I could have found a way

To change this horrible fate

That was set on your path

That would throw my feelings a stray

And make me wonder and hate

The feelings that destiny's wrath

Have bestowed upon your grave

The grave I cried over as tears

Flowed from my face like a raging river

Making me wish I didn't misbehave

Or give in to all my aching fears

That make my shaking bones quiver

As I set that rose upon your stone

Which engraves "here lies" and

I slide my fingers over the words

That have somehow thrown

Out my feelings and I'm unable to withstand

This outburst of thoughts running like herds

Of animals escaping from the prison

It's been kept in for years or

What seems like a lifetime

Of bundled up pain that has risen

And surfaced as hot bubbles that hit the shore

That singe the skin of this crime

That took you away from me

And I wish I could bring you back