Someone Like You

I am frozen in the seat of your car

Exposing everything

Allowing you to look deep in my past

How could I not know this was as far

We'd go with anything

I was a fool who rushed in too fast

And scared you away

With my longing for that feeling

That someone does care

And unfortunately today

My hopes dropped through the ceiling

And I couldn't speak or dare

To tell you how I feel

The hope that you would be the only one

To not unintetionally tear my heart out

I'd been waiting for my heart to heal

And now all I want is to be done

Because my head is overflowing with doubt

I guess we all hope and dream

That our prince charming will one day come

And take us away on a white horse

I'm surrendering my thoughts to the steam

The shower omits; where are these thoughts coming from?

This morning my voice was hoarse

From the previous night's retreat

When I learned I'm not in your cards

For what I was hoping to be

But now I feel defeat

Why are things like this so hard?

I guess it's just something I can't see

A part of fate's plan

To keep me from finding the right

Guy to give my heart to

There's nothing to do that I can

Give me a reason to keep going with this fight

Nevermind, I'll find someone like you

I guess some lessons are hard to learn

Elizabeth O'DohertyComment