The Scientist

Time has passed since

I have last seen you

Oh so many years ago

And you remain my prince

Charming who always knew

We needed to take things slow

For us not to get hurt

By the love we felt for one another

As we feared a broken heart

And the other to suddenly avert

Leaving you for an other

But this is where we start


All starts must come to an end

And how we despise the fact

Of our other leaving us alone in the world

As we grieve loosing a friend

As we fall to the ground as our hearts cracked

And our souls whirled from your passing

Taken as another victim of

This disease's wrath and I can't help but

To think I was just holding you in my arms

As we discussed our everlasting love

That has somehow gotten us in a rut

Putting us directly in the path of harms



I wish I could become the scientist

That one day find that cure

That could have kept you alive

That would have stopped these violent

Tears and fits when I got the call that would obscure

That would give me the drive

To finish writing our story

The story you helped me to write

So that one day we could be heard

Though it didn't end in glory

At least we gave it a fight

Before your soul took off like a bird

And left me here to live my life without you

I will never be the scientist

That could have had the guts

To cure something that we all knew

Would forever keep the spoken silenced

And never have given the chance for "us"

To begin